Aloha. We would like to introduce our company.  For over twelve years, Luxurious Fragrances Hawai’i, a family business, has offered an exclusive line of bath and body products to local, mainland, and international customers, including an ever growing popularity with the tourist industry.  Available in over 25 beautiful Hawaiian fragrances, we have worked for many years on improving the quality and fragrance of our bath and body products.  First, we blend the most all-natural and organic ingredients so that we can offer our customers products that are gentle and non-allergenic to the skin, and safe for the environment, with no animal testing or cruelty.  Second, we have the most real and natural smelling Hawaiian floral and fruit fragrances.  Compare our fragrances and you will know the difference.  Based on our many years of continued customer support and testimonials, we believe our Hawaiian products and fragrances are a perfect showcase of the best Hawai’i has to offer.

Ramona J. Reyes-Akamine (Owner)
Mike Norris (Manager)

Luxurious Fragrances Hawai'i
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813
Phone: (808) 536-4000