Still stuck? Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions that may help.

 Q: Was my order received? I did not receive an order confirmation by email.
   A: When you submit an order on our webform, if you see a form conformation page, that indicates your order went through and taht we received it. Print this page for your records so you will have a copy of your order information. You will not receive an order confirmation by email.

 Q: How long will my order take?
   A: Most orders ship out within 5 business days.  Larger orders may take longer.  Please allow 5 - 10 business days to process orders.

 Q: Do you sell wholesale?
   A: Yes we do.  If you would like to request information about wholesale, please fill out our wholesale request form here:

 Q: Do you ship by UPS?
   A: No. We prefer to use USPS Priority Mail. It takes about the same time to ship and is much less expensive. 2-3 business days for most orders and your order is shipped in beautiful red, white, and blue Priority boxes.

 Q: Will you send me a Catalog or Brochure?
   A: We do not have a catalog. We have a brochure with information about our products and fragrances that we will include with every order. Sorry, we do not mail out free brochures.

 Q: Do you sell or give out product samples?
   A: No. But we can include fragrance strips with orders if you would like to sample other fragrances. Just indicate which fragrances you would like to try in the special instructions section.